Discover Andalusia


A link between Europe and Africa and a junction point between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Andalusia has been coveted by many civilizations since ancient times.

Andalucia, with its 87 268 km2, represents 17.3% of the total area of ​​Spain. Its territory is larger than that of countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria or Switzerland.

The diversity of landscapes and landforms makes it possible to go from the warm valley of the Guadalquivir to the mid-mountain, with its bushy vegetation, through volcanic landscapes such as the Tabernas desert or the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

The Guadalquivir, the river of Andalusia, is a source of life wherever it passes in the region.

On less than forty kilometers, the alpine landscape is converted into a tropical landscape on the shores of the Mediterranean. The Andalusian coastline, which extends for almost 900 km, is dotted with beautiful beaches and many urban centers.

As much the big cities, with their monuments, as the small villages, source of inspiration of all sorts of artists, constitute tourist attractions of first order.

Nowadays, Andalusia is a modern autonomous community with great infrastructure and who knows how to take care of its guests. Aware of the incessant need for modernization, it has nevertheless retained its roots and maintained intact its cultural and architectural heritage inherited from past times.

Andalucia is the main destination of Spanish holiday, and is one of the favorite destinations of foreigners.

The natural beaches of Cabo de Gata, Almería

Cabo de gata is a natural park in the province of Almeria whose name comes from the Agate Agate in the region. The National Park offers a variety of beautiful landscapes, from deserted expanses of cacti and prickly pears to beautiful wild beaches.

You will discover some of the most beautiful villages in Spain and spaces reminiscent of Far West films. Moreover, this region has attracted many producers, such as Ridley Scott who shot the movie Exodus on Playa de los Genoveses, and the Indiana Jones bird scene and the Last Crusade were also filmed there.

The villages of the Alpujarras

These small villages stretch out over the provinces of Granada and Almeria, along the Sierra Nevada mountain range, which offers spectacular scenery. A day in the Alpujarras is a unique experience. The local economy is based on the sale of handicrafts and delicious local cuisine.

These villages are currently on UNESCO’s waiting list to be added as a World Heritage Site. Formerly, it was a large silk producer, one of the largest in the world. You will undoubtedly be seduced by this region of Andalusia if you spend holidays in the province of Granada and can enjoy its nature, its hiking and its crafts. In summer, the Alpujarras are celebrating, which adds to its charms and the interest of this part of Andalusia.


Other Destinations

  • The region of Cordoba is another region of Spain influenced by the occupation of several kingdoms throughout history. Also famous for its Cordoba Patios Festival or its “Battle of the Flowers” which takes place in the spring, Cordoba is another must-see place in Andalusia.
    Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Mezquita of Cordoba is well worth a visit. The construction of this impressive mosque began in 786 and lasted about 200 years. This Mosque – Cathedral is located in the center of the tourist town of Cordoba. The central entrance is composed of hundreds of columns and arches of red and white colors. Many of these stone columns come from other countries throughout the empire, although at first sight they are all alike.
    To miss Cordoba, we recommend you to visit our guided tour of Cordoba on foot. Along this route, you will take a walk through the history of Cordoba, its architecture, the Juderia or old Jewish quarter and the Puente Romano, the ancient Roman bridge.
  • The city of Malaga tells us over 3,000 years of history, from its Phoenician origins to the beautiful and cosmopolitan city that appeals to tourists from all over the world.
    The Roman theater and the “piletas” (basins) of Garum will transport you to the time of Hispania Romana. For its part, the Alcazaba is the most beautiful example of Muslim domination. Visit the sanctuary of Victoria to live the reconquest of the Catholic Kings. Take a stroll down San Augustine Street, ancient Knights Street, with the Buenavista Palace as the most significant element.
    Discover the glorious past of the fruit of our vineyards at the Wine Museum. Learn the origin of the name of the bridge of the Germans. Come admire the true works of art of the cathedral, including sacred objects that are still used today at celebrations such as Holy Week in Malaga.
    Take Malaga’s main street to learn more about the Marquis de Larios. Walk through the Constitution Square where most of the city’s social acts take place. Admire buildings from different eras and let yourself be seduced by all the stories of our city.
  • The pretty town of Ronda is located in the province of Malaga. The city is divided in two by a wide gorge, with on one side the old town and on the other the most recent where are the shops. The view from the Puente Nuevo bridge over the surrounding countryside is ideal for making impressive holiday pictures. The Plaza de Toros de Ronda (bullring) hosts a museum that shows different aspects of this Spanish tradition. You can also go wine tourism in Ronda, which is a beautiful destination for a day trip if you go on holiday on the Costa del Sol or in Marbella.
  • Standing on the banks of the Guadalquivir, Seville inherits its rich Arab past and its status as a prosperous trading port to the Americas. The Andalusian capital distills joy and animation in each of the streets and squares of its old town, which is home to a fascinating collection of world heritage monuments and neighborhoods with deep popular flavors such as Triana or La Macarena. An important business and service center in the south of the peninsula, Seville has a complete hotel capacity distributed throughout the city to discover all the treasures. Museums and art centers, theme parks, cinemas, theaters and theaters are among the endless possibilities of leisure offered by the big city of Seville. Not to mention the many terraces and taverns, and bars, where to practice one of the most consolidated and tasty traditions of the city: the tapas tour.
    Another good excuse to visit the Sevillian capital are its parties. Declared of International Tourist Interest, Holy Week and the April Fair reflect the devotion and folklore of the Sevillian people, always open and friendly with the visitor. But Seville can also be a starting point to travel all over the province along various cultural routes, such as Bética Romana Road or Washington Irving Road. You will also be surprised by the enormous natural wealth of a region straddling two continents, which contains treasures like the Doñana Nature Park, declared World Heritage Site and declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, or the Sierra Norte Natural Park where you can practice all types of outdoor sports, including hiking, horse riding and cycling. But if you prefer golf, Seville has four excellent courses in its surroundings.
  • A must visit of the city is a Wine Bodega of Jerez. There are several wineries that offer tours and tastings to Jerez de la Frontera and Puerto de Santa Maria, a nearby town. Wine cellars are often compared to cathedrals because of their size and the sacred, almost religious atmosphere that reigns there. Their visit is really worth it, especially if you are wine lovers. Do not leave without tasting the local fried fish.
  • The Doñana National Park is a paradise for birdwatchers. This park, located in the province of Huelva, is another UNESCO site. With a large number of protected birds, you can enjoy bird watching in a beautiful natural setting. Flamingos, geese, vultures and many other species live in this impressive park. Huelva is also a privileged destination for holidays by the sea with its long stretches of sandy beaches with warm and crystalline waters.