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Visit the City of Asilah

Asilah, sometimes called the pearl of Morocco is a small port city located on the Atlantic coast, about fifty kilometers south of Tangier.
Asilah is not yet invaded by tourism and yet when we visit the city, we feel the tourist potential of Asilah: authenticity, beautiful beaches nearby, a beautiful and artistic medina, ramparts on the ocean … mixture of Essaouira, Cyclades or Andalusia, the charm of Asilah is indisputable! It is a real pleasure to be lost in the alleys of the medina to visit Asilah.

Let’s focus on Asilah, who was the favorite of my last trip to Morocco. I spoke about it recently in my travel diary in Morocco, from Fez to Asilah.
Visit Asilah And Its Medina
The main points of interest of Asilah are grouped in the medina. Historical heart of the city, the alleys of the medina are very pleasant, clean and quiet!
Many walls of houses in the medina of Asilah are decorated with street art.

The medina of Asilah is located at the edge of the ocean. From the top of the ramparts of the medina, we can see the ocean and the waves crashing at the foot of the ramparts of Asilah.
The medina of Asilah gathers several interesting monuments. On some of the monuments of Asilah, we can see the Portuguese style that reminds us that Asilah was conquered by the Portuguese in the 15th century.
In the medina, here are the points of interest not to be missed. The essentials to visit Asilah:

  • admire the street art works found on every street corner

  • Torre de Menagem, tower built by the Portuguese (and we can see it at the level of architecture)

  • Borj Krikiya and its magnificent view, on one side of the ocean, on the other side of the ramparts of the medina

  • Bab al Homer, main gate of the medina of Asilah
    the great mosque of Asilah

  • Raissouli palace, built in the early twentieth century which is today the cultural center of Asilah

  • the marine cemetery near the marabout Sidi Ahmed Ibn Moussa (near Borj Krikiya)

Relaxing In Asilah

Asilah is a good destination in Morocco to relax and enjoy the beach!
The city of Asilah is relatively small and quiet, so it is also soothing and relaxing, especially after a stay in cities like Fez or Casablanca, much more trying.
Near the medina of Asilah (10 to 15 minutes of walk) is the beach of Asilah. Quite vast, there are not many people! Just out of the medina, at the Torre de Menagem (borj al-Kamra), there is also a very small beach where there are not necessarily many people! It also offers a magnificent view of the ramparts of the medina!
Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy a beautiful beach, surely one of the most beautiful in Morocco, heading to Paradise Beach a few kilometers south of Asilah.
Located 8 kilometers south of the city, the ideal is to have your own car but it is also possible to go by taxi, negotiation required.
The beach deserves this trip because it is beautiful, uncrowded!